Job ad and skills test in one

<![CDATA[I’m currently looking for an experienced CSS/HTML/JavasScript developer to join our team. Since skills are more important for this role than qualifications, I decided to turn the job ad into a skills test. Applicants are invited to restyle the job ad on using only a style sheet file — they have zero control overContinue reading “Job ad and skills test in one”

Speed boost for the ReadyBoost chart

<![CDATA[Anyone who's tried to use the ReadyBoost chart recently will be pleased to know that I’ve given the page a bit of a speed boost. When I first put up the page it listed the compatibility of about 32 Flash drives. That list now runs to 880 devices and increases daily, making the HTML pageContinue reading “Speed boost for the ReadyBoost chart”

Two new mobile services for

<![CDATA[A couple of weeks ago (but I forgot to hit publish in WordPress) This week we launched two new SMS services I’ve been developing for txt2apply – apply for any job advertised anywhere from your phone. The idea is quite simple, but we think it’s dead useful. Say you’re on the train and spotContinue reading “Two new mobile services for”

200 devices tested for ReadyBoost compatibility

<![CDATA[The Vista ReadyBoost compatibility list received its 200th submission today. The list now tracks the ReadyBoost ‘readiness’ of devices from over 45 manufacturers. Some fun facts based on the data gathered so far: A little over half all tested devices (55%) were confirmed compatible with ReadyBoost. The highest number of compatible device reports have comeContinue reading “200 devices tested for ReadyBoost compatibility”

SocialSearchr public beta

<![CDATA[I've just launched an early public beta of SocialSearchr. Using a combination of Google AJAX Search and the newly released Google Custom Search the site aims to improve the quality of search results in various niche categories by including only results from specific, trusted sites. The first category to launch was recipe search, which onlyContinue reading “SocialSearchr public beta”

Testing Vista ReadyBoost

<![CDATA[I recently ordered a Kingston DataTraveler Elite USB Flash drive to try out Vista’s ReadyBoost feature (previously blogged about here). It arrived in the post from eBuyer today and I decided to run a few semi-scientific tests to see what difference, if any, it made. Boot Times I timed Windows startup from cold before andContinue reading “Testing Vista ReadyBoost”

Fon Social Router – it's good, but it's not right

<![CDATA[I read about the Fon Social Router project (the largest wifi community in the world) a while ago. It seemed like an excellent idea – share your broadband with the lcoal community and in exchange you can surf the web worldwide, free of charge. When they got some financial backing from Google and dropped theContinue reading “Fon Social Router – it's good, but it's not right”