Two new mobile services for

<![CDATA[A couple of weeks ago (but I forgot to hit publish in WordPress) This week we launched two new SMS services I’ve been developing for

txt2applyapply for any job advertised anywhere from your phone.
The idea is quite simple, but we think it’s dead useful. Say you’re on the train and spot an interesting job in the newspaper. Rather than try to remember to apply later, simply text the word APPLY, the email address of the recruiter, the job title and send your message to s1jobs. We’ll package up your CV and covering letter for you, sending your application as a regular email. Any replies from the recruiter will come directly to your email address. More details: txt2apply info page

Job Alerts by SMSsimple idea made more useful by s1jobs mobile.
Register your search criteria and well send you a text message the instant a matching job is added to the site. The message contains basic job details plus a link to s1jobs mobile for a full description. From there you can apply for the job using your stored CV – and optionally customise the standard covering letter. I reckon you should be able to apply for a job within 5 minutes of it being advertised. More details:

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