Self-driving remote controlled car

<![CDATA[In 2011 I took on a few commercial Flash-based projects that required a physical element, introducing me to the world of Firmata and connecting Arduino to Actionscript code. That gave me the bug to try a personal project, and when I came across this bargain £10 remote control car in Maplin I decided to haveContinue reading “Self-driving remote controlled car”

New exhibit: The Animator

<![CDATA[I've recently completed a new IT exhibit for Glasgow Science Centre called The Animator. The exhibit allows visitors to create their own Wallace & Gromit style stop-motion animations using a built-in camera and a simple touch-screen interface. The key with this one was absolute simplicity. All commercial stop-motion applications have tons of features that mostContinue reading “New exhibit: The Animator”

New touchscreen and web game in one

<![CDATA[I've always been a fan of developing desktop and kiosk applications in Flash. Many people see it as a web-only technology, but over the years it has matured into a very capable programming language. And if you add on a third party extension such as Zinc or mProjector, Flash has all the file/registry/device capabilities ofContinue reading “New touchscreen and web game in one”

New game launch: Pixelated Pix

<![CDATA[My final freelance project of the year is another educational game for Glasgow Science Centre. Pixelated Pix explains some of the technology behind digital imaging, from CCD capture through to LCD display. The aim of the game is to correctly identify images that have been ‘pixelated’ in one way or another. The game also seesContinue reading “New game launch: Pixelated Pix”

New game launch: Glasgow Science Investigation

<![CDATA[ Another wee game I’ve been working on recently, just launched. It explains some of the science behind criminal forensics and allows players to practice matching fingerprints, footprints and DNA samples in a “Guess Who?” style format. I wanted to call it GSI: Glasvegas, but we compromised on GSI: Glasgow Science Investigation.

New game launch: Forces at the Funfair

<![CDATA[ This week we finished another game for Glasgow Science Centre. Forces at the Funfair uses a rollercoaster game to get across the concepts of rolling resistance, drag and the impact of weight, shape and colour. Forces at the Funfair was another highly technical development. Because the science centre wanted the game to be asContinue reading “New game launch: Forces at the Funfair”

New game launch: Penguin Knockout

<![CDATA[A new wee game for you to try, fresh off the export button today. It's for the Falkirk Wheel, promoting their Christmas programme and winter sale. And it's called Penguin Knockout… For the game concept I took inspiration from the Falkirk Wheel itself. I’ve always been impressed by the fact it can raise or lowerContinue reading “New game launch: Penguin Knockout”

Calling all PHP programming Sudoku fans!

<![CDATA[I've been running a free Sudoku game for a couple of years at It’s available to play in desktop and mobile formats as well as on widget sites like The Flash part is really my area of expertise, but I also had to hack together a PHP script to generate the puzzles. IContinue reading “Calling all PHP programming Sudoku fans!”

Science in the Dock is open!

<![CDATA[For the past few months I've been working on IT exhibits for Glasgow Science Centre. What started out as a commission for two interactive exhibits turned into a project involving five exhibits. These ranged from relatively simple touch-screen video interactives to full-blown games and dual-screen applications. A few highlights… News Editor This exhibit allows visitorsContinue reading “Science in the Dock is open!”