200 devices tested for ReadyBoost compatibility

<![CDATA[The Vista ReadyBoost compatibility list received its 200th submission today. The list now tracks the ReadyBoost ‘readiness’ of devices from over 45 manufacturers.

Some fun facts based on the data gathered so far:

  • A little over half all tested devices (55%) were confirmed compatible with ReadyBoost.
  • The highest number of compatible device reports have come from SanDisk users – nearly 20% of all positive reports received. In total, over 78% of the SanDisk devices were ReadyBoost compatible.
  • PNY users reported the greatest number of incompatible devices – 12% of all the incompatible devices reported. Most PNY users (55%) found their devices to be incompatible. Funny then that PNY should choose to mention ReadyBoost as a reason to buy PNY.

If there’s one thing the list does show, it’s that no one manufacturer has ReadyBoost compatibility nailed across their range. If you’re thinking about buying a new Flash device for ReadyBoost, check the list first.

Finally, many thanks to everyone who have submitted their results so far. And special thanks to Maverick, Jim Byram and the others who have returned several times with compatibility reports for new Flash devices. The list wouldn’t exist without all your help.

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