Another set of awards for Bright Signals

<![CDATA[Last night at the Marketing Society Star Awards in Edinburgh Bright Signals won another brace of awards. We scored a Bronze award in the Integrated Marketing category, Gold in the Advertising category (along with our partner agencies on Tennent’s) and a solo Gold for Digital Communication. It’s that last one I’m personally most proud of — aContinue reading “Another set of awards for Bright Signals”

Weekend project: Putting my doorbell online

Running your web server from home gives lots of opportunities to connect the real world to the internet. I’ve previously connected a webcam with motion detection so I can see people entering and leaving the driveway and, more recently, connected a wireless weather station to give regular Elderslie weather updates. I decided my next project would be to putContinue reading “Weekend project: Putting my doorbell online”

Weekend Project: Patching AppleTV Take 2

<![CDATA[When I was in New York last summer I picked up an AppleTV set top box. Personally I think it’s the bargain of the century — for £200 I got a fast, virtually silent, easy-to-use replacement for my noisy old Windows Media Centre PC. Best of all, I managed to sell the old Media CentreContinue reading “Weekend Project: Patching AppleTV Take 2”

Clarification on ReadyBoost performance tests

<![CDATA[I recently received an email from John Marshall pointing out that everyone was reporting sequential write performance on my ReadyBoost compatibility chart, whilst the official requirements were for random write performance. I couldn’t get to the bottom of it on the web, so I emailed Matt Ayers at Microsoft, the Program Manager who’s in chargeContinue reading “Clarification on ReadyBoost performance tests”

Speed boost for the ReadyBoost chart

<![CDATA[Anyone who's tried to use the ReadyBoost chart recently will be pleased to know that I’ve given the page a bit of a speed boost. When I first put up the page it listed the compatibility of about 32 Flash drives. That list now runs to 880 devices and increases daily, making the HTML pageContinue reading “Speed boost for the ReadyBoost chart”

Testing Vista ReadyBoost

<![CDATA[I recently ordered a Kingston DataTraveler Elite USB Flash drive to try out Vista’s ReadyBoost feature (previously blogged about here). It arrived in the post from eBuyer today and I decided to run a few semi-scientific tests to see what difference, if any, it made. Boot Times I timed Windows startup from cold before andContinue reading “Testing Vista ReadyBoost”