Hello, thanks for dropping by.

I’m Grant. For the past six years I’ve been Deputy MD of creative agency Bright Signals. Now I’m starting an exciting new journey with Glasgow Life.

Here’s a brief retrospective of my time at Bright Signals.

Some of what I do

Create: I love the creative process: writing, brainstorming, sketching and inventing.

Build: My background is Computer Science, but I’m a hands-on maker, building everything from magic tricks and animatronics to museum exhibits.

Capture: I grew up on film sets and still love creative film-making and photography techniques, whether I’m behind the camera or in my role as Creative Director.

I’m also a commercial drone pilot

Trained by ex-RAF flight crew for commercial drone filming operations both day and night, including in built-up areas.

A brief biography

I studied Product Design Engineering and Computer Science at University, where I started my first web design business, in 1995.

From 1995-1999 I worked on first-gen Internet strategies for clients including Philips, Marconi Connunications, the Bank of Scotland and musician Julian Lennon.

From 2000-2007 I was lead designer and Web Producer for s1jobs, Scotland’s most successful job site. And from 2008-2014 I led digital strategy at the Herald & Times newspaper group, increasing subscriptions and growing audiences on Scotland’s only paywalled news sites.

Since 2015 I’ve been Deputy MD at Bright Signals, where we’ve attracted clients as diverse as Tennent’s Lager and the BBC.

Recent blog posts