Retro Space Invaders Gmail Notifier

<![CDATA[ A couple of weeks ago I was in our local Boots chemist. They were clearing out all the Christmas gifts at 75% off. I saw this Space Invaders alarm clock reduced to around £3 ($5) and had to have it, even though I had no use for another alarm clock. (Btw, even though BootsContinue reading “Retro Space Invaders Gmail Notifier”

My Christmas e-card for the Herald & Times Group

<![CDATA[For the past couple of years I've had the dubious honour of being asked to produce the Christmas e-card for the Herald & Times Group. It's always a tricky brief – produce a seasonal e-card without dragging myself or others away from a busy schedule. In previous years I've just pulled together a picture, someContinue reading “My Christmas e-card for the Herald & Times Group”

Great Scottish Run + Facebook: An experiment in crowdsourcing metadata

<![CDATA[The Great Scottish Run took place on Sunday. Two races – a 10K and a half-marathon – happened under this banner and as always the Herald & Times photographers where there to capture the action. As in previous years, we ended up with thousands of photographs. And, as in previous years, we made hundreds ofContinue reading “Great Scottish Run + Facebook: An experiment in crowdsourcing metadata”

How to access the Kingston Wi-Drive from *any* web-enabled device

<![CDATA[The Kingston Wi-Drive is a new kid on the storage block. Aimed at providing extra storage to iOS devices, it pairs a wireless SSD storage gadget with a free iPhone app to double the capacity of your Apple handheld. I’m currently writing up my review of it for The Herald. What they don’t tell youContinue reading “How to access the Kingston Wi-Drive from *any* web-enabled device”

First thoughts on Google's Page Speed Service

<![CDATA[I'm currently Beta testing Google's new Page Speed Service on my site. It’s basically a transparent page content optimiser and CDN which aims to speed up delivery of sites to end users. This could be a huge deal for anyone who, like me, hosts their site from home. Hosting a personal site from home isContinue reading “First thoughts on Google's Page Speed Service”

My first newspaper exclusive

<![CDATA[Ok, so I've been a part-time technology writer for The Herald for all of three weeks. It’s going pretty well so far with positive reader feedback and even a couple of responses from companies who’s products I’ve reviewed. But last night I made the jump to mainstream news… At around 3pm on Monday, a colleagueContinue reading “My first newspaper exclusive”

New social features on

<![CDATA[Yesterday I integrated some of the newly announced Facebook Social Widgets into heraldscotland. Using their new auto-connect system, any Facebook users who visit heraldscotland will now be able to see what their friends are recommending and sharing on our site. The demo below outlines how it all works… /blog-images/facebook-demo.swf I’m quite pleased with how smoothlyContinue reading “New social features on”

Diary of a new garage – part 5

<![CDATA[With winter on the way, one thing I really had to sort out was heating for the garage, especially on the summer house side. The insulation in the walls and ceiling is working well, but with outdoor temperatures dropping to single digits I really needed something to raise the temperature in the winter evenings. IContinue reading “Diary of a new garage – part 5”

Weekend project: Putting my doorbell online

Running your web server from home gives lots of opportunities to connect the real world to the internet. I’ve previously connected a webcam with motion detection so I can see people entering and leaving the driveway and, more recently, connected a wireless weather station to give regular Elderslie weather updates. I decided my next project would be to putContinue reading “Weekend project: Putting my doorbell online”