The Wee Red Book: now available as an app

<![CDATA[The Wee Red Book is the definitive football annual in Scotland. First published in 1928, the book contains hundreds of pages of football facts and trivia dating back as far as the 1870s. Last year I put forward the idea of turning the book into a mobile app. It seemed like a logical move –Continue reading “The Wee Red Book: now available as an app”

Two new mobile services for

<![CDATA[A couple of weeks ago (but I forgot to hit publish in WordPress) This week we launched two new SMS services I’ve been developing for txt2apply – apply for any job advertised anywhere from your phone. The idea is quite simple, but we think it’s dead useful. Say you’re on the train and spotContinue reading “Two new mobile services for”

Fix for Gmail java app error

<![CDATA[Google recently launched a mobile java client for Gmail. You can download it by pointing your mobile browser to: When I first tried it I got the error “This program requires a working data connection … Please check your signal strength”. Strange thing is I do have a working data connection that works withContinue reading “Fix for Gmail java app error”