Four years on: Slippery Email

Four years ago I launched a small experiment called Slippery Email. The idea was to make it really, really easy to set up a burner email account to avoid spam. Inspired by low-friction services like WeTransfer, I set about building the same sort of thing for email. Sure, other disposable email services already existed, butContinue reading “Four years on: Slippery Email”

Slippery: One-click, read-only, burner mailboxes

<![CDATA[A few weeks ago I was playing with Glen Maddern’s site Dumb Domains, a site that suggests ridiculous domain names based on the new batch of gTLDs recently released. There were some funny ones in there – and were two of the few printable ones – but after a couple of hundred aimlessContinue reading “Slippery: One-click, read-only, burner mailboxes”

A busy week: Three new product launches in four days

<![CDATA[This week my small dev team of three released three new products. Each of them have been weeks or months in development and it's great to finally get them all out in the wild. The all-new HeraldScotland app This cross-platform app, based on Sencha Touch, is a huge leap forward for us both in performanceContinue reading “A busy week: Three new product launches in four days”

New Scotland's Homes site officially launches on Monday!

<![CDATA[ Last September we decided at the Herald & Times that we need a site to accompany some of our print supplements. In the past s1 filled that role with the sites s1jobs and s1homes that I helped built back in the early 2000’s. But with s1 no longer part of the Herald & TimesContinue reading “New Scotland's Homes site officially launches on Monday!”

Sunday Herald Life app launches this weekend

<![CDATA[ This weekend sees the launch of the Sunday Herald Life app, the first public app I’ve released based on the Adobe DPS platform. Issue number one is available now, free of charge from iTunes: I’ve been using Adobe DPS on and off for a couple of years now and have been really impressedContinue reading “Sunday Herald Life app launches this weekend”

We won the regional TV news bid for Scotland!

Ok, first a quick bit of background: The Government are funding a pilot scheme for independent TV news production in Scotland, the North East of England and Wales. In Scotland, this would replace the regional news currently broadcast by STV. If you’re interested, The Guardian has a good history of the whole process. Only twoContinue reading “We won the regional TV news bid for Scotland!” loses beta badge, goes fully public

<![CDATA[At 2pm on Monday we took out of public beta and directed all of our traffic from and to the new site. We ran the beta for just over a month during which time approx 10% of our regular online readership switched over to the new site. This gave us a lotContinue reading “ loses beta badge, goes fully public”

New site launch:

<![CDATA[We finally flicked the switch tonight on our first Polopoly-powered site! is now officially a public beta, running in parallel with the main Herald and Sunday Herald sites for the next couple of weeks while we train everyone up on the new system. More details to follow when I have time (as well asContinue reading “New site launch:”

s1jobs 2.0 wins Online Excellence award

The new version of s1jobs has won the Online Excellence category at the prestigious Marketing Society Star Awards in Glasgow. The site, which was designed and built by my technical team last year, beat strong competition from Blonde, BigMouthMedia, Story UK and Whitespace to take the award. The win recognises the talent and dedication ofContinue reading “s1jobs 2.0 wins Online Excellence award”

New touchscreen and web game in one

<![CDATA[I've always been a fan of developing desktop and kiosk applications in Flash. Many people see it as a web-only technology, but over the years it has matured into a very capable programming language. And if you add on a third party extension such as Zinc or mProjector, Flash has all the file/registry/device capabilities ofContinue reading “New touchscreen and web game in one”