Diary of a new garage – part 5

<![CDATA[With winter on the way, one thing I really had to sort out was heating for the garage, especially on the summer house side. The insulation in the walls and ceiling is working well, but with outdoor temperatures dropping to single digits I really needed something to raise the temperature in the winter evenings. IContinue reading “Diary of a new garage – part 5”

Fon Social Router – it's good, but it's not right

<![CDATA[I read about the Fon Social Router project (the largest wifi community in the world) a while ago. It seemed like an excellent idea – share your broadband with the lcoal community and in exchange you can surf the web worldwide, free of charge. When they got some financial backing from Google and dropped theContinue reading “Fon Social Router – it's good, but it's not right”