Six wild years at Bright Signals: a retrospective

At the end of September I’m leaving Bright Signals to take up an exciting new role with Glasgow Life, the charity that runs Glasgow’s public museums, galleries, libraries, sports facilities, and numerous festivals, where I’ll be leading the future direction of their digital technology and platforms. So, with just a couple of weeks to go,Continue reading “Six wild years at Bright Signals: a retrospective”

Making Edinburgh Gin's first TV campaign

Over the past few months, our team at Bright Signals has been busy creating Edinburgh Gin’s biggest ever advertising campaign. What started as a relatively straightforward proposal for a set of outdoor posters evolved into a comprehensive campaign including print, digital and prime-time television ads. The hero piece of the campaign is the 40-second TVContinue reading “Making Edinburgh Gin's first TV campaign”

Futurising a retro vending machine

At Bright Signals we were recently commissioned by a client to create a prototype vending machine, incorporating touchscreen product selection and NFC-based payment tokens. The starting point for the machine was to be a late 90s-era Vendo vending machine which had seen better days. The machine had served over 15,000 cans over its career, butContinue reading “Futurising a retro vending machine”

I'm now a drone pilot, too…

I’ve been flying drones as a hobby since 2012, starting with Parrot quadcopters like the AR Drone and more recently moving over to the DJI range. This year I took my UK commercial drone exams, consisting of both day and night theory classes and practical tests. I’ve passed all the exams, completed all the paperworkContinue reading “I'm now a drone pilot, too…”

How we did it: Jura phone boxes

Jura is a small island off the west coast of Scotland, home to just over 200 people. The island has one whisky distillery, named after the island, founded in 1810. Earlier this year, the distillery launched an entirely new range. Creative agency Punk came up with the idea of replicating Jura’s three traditional phone boxesContinue reading “How we did it: Jura phone boxes”

Scrum and have a try: our biggest machine so far

When Caledonia Best took on sponsorship of the Scottish National rugby team, they approached us to come up with an activity that they could run at Murrayfield, Scotland’s home of rugby, for the upcoming 6 Nations series. We devised a bespoke machine that would allow groups of two or three friends to test their strengthContinue reading “Scrum and have a try: our biggest machine so far”

Reaching over a million people with DJI Osmo Mobile 2 and iPhone X

This week at Bright Signals we had a fun idea: Scottish people will famously deep fry any food (even pizza and chocolate bars). At the same time, we have a weird type of sausage that’s flat and square (vs the long thin sausages sold in the rest of the world). But somehow, deep frying ourContinue reading “Reaching over a million people with DJI Osmo Mobile 2 and iPhone X”

Rude-olph the animatronic reindeer

Rudolph used to be Santa’s favourite reindeer. But then he got old, flatulent and rude, so Santa had to let him go. These days Rudolph — or “Rude-olph” as he’s now known — earns a crust by entertaining customers in pubs across Scotland. Rude-olph is our latest electronic installation/stunt for Scotland’s most popular beer brand,Continue reading “Rude-olph the animatronic reindeer”

Dare you ride The Night Bus? Our latest video for Tennent's Lager.

Last week we shot and edited our latest video for Tennent’s Lager. The Halloween-themed short poked fun at the typical experience of riding the night bus home after the pub. The video was turned around in an incredibly short timescale: it was shot on Wednesday and was edited, dubbed and published by 8am on Friday.Continue reading “Dare you ride The Night Bus? Our latest video for Tennent's Lager.”