The Open Cat Name Project

Four unique cat names, picked just for you. No up-front cost, zero annual fees. Wait… what the f*** is this? Bob Mortimer is a British institution, like Marmite or Liverpool John Moores University. You may remember him from seminal works such as Shooting Stars and House of Fools, but his greatest contribution to society isContinue reading “The Open Cat Name Project”

Slippery Email scales up – over 1,000,000 messages handled

<![CDATA[In the summer of 2014 I started a side-project, Slippery Email. The aim was of the site was simple — to make the world’s fastest and easiest way to create a burner email box that could be used to avoid spam and keep your primary inbox clean. Over the course of winter 2014 I honedContinue reading “Slippery Email scales up – over 1,000,000 messages handled”

Fisher Price Talking Chatter Smartphone

<![CDATA[The Chatter Telephone is a classic Fisher Price toy that has been sold since 1962. The design has evolved over the years, but in 2010 the original 'classic' Chatter phone was brought back into the limelight in the Disney / Pixar film Toy Story 3 where the phone helped Woody escape from Sunnyside Daycare. ToContinue reading “Fisher Price Talking Chatter Smartphone”

Creating an auto-answer, wireless intercom using Arduino and a SIM900 GSM shield

<![CDATA[I was recently commissioned to build a custom intercom system for a friend's interactive installation. The plan was for it to use professional mics to relay voice signals over a long distance – potentially anything from a few meters to a few miles. The long-range requirement made radio mics a poor choice. Long range two-wayContinue reading “Creating an auto-answer, wireless intercom using Arduino and a SIM900 GSM shield”

Clap-o-meter (applause meter) free download for PC and Mac

<![CDATA[Last weekend Prof Richard Wiseman tweeted that he was looking for a software-based clap-o-meter (otherwise known as an applause meter) that would work on a Mac. Does anyone know of, or could make me, a clap-o-meter (fun applause meter), that works on a mac? — Richard Wiseman (@RichardWiseman) June 1, 2014 // I had aContinue reading “Clap-o-meter (applause meter) free download for PC and Mac”

Slippery: One-click, read-only, burner mailboxes

<![CDATA[A few weeks ago I was playing with Glen Maddern’s site Dumb Domains, a site that suggests ridiculous domain names based on the new batch of gTLDs recently released. There were some funny ones in there – and were two of the few printable ones – but after a couple of hundred aimlessContinue reading “Slippery: One-click, read-only, burner mailboxes”

Talking careers: every kid wants to be an inventor

<![CDATA[Last week I was invited by a local school to give my first ever careers talk. It was really nice to be asked, but it got me thinking: what is my career? Leading digital development at the Herald & Times Group is certainly a big part of it, but that’s not the whole story –Continue reading “Talking careers: every kid wants to be an inventor”

My Project of the Month in Popular Science

<![CDATA[I was amazed to discover that my toy box is Project of the Month in the December 2013 issue of Popular Science. Very exciting for a geek like me! It was too late for my video to make it into the US edition of the app, but it did make it into Popular Science UK…Continue reading “My Project of the Month in Popular Science”