How to access the Kingston Wi-Drive from *any* web-enabled device

<![CDATA[The Kingston Wi-Drive is a new kid on the storage block. Aimed at providing extra storage to iOS devices, it pairs a wireless SSD storage gadget with a free iPhone app to double the capacity of your Apple handheld. I’m currently writing up my review of it for The Herald.

What they don’t tell you anywhere on the packaging or instructions (and by implication deny) is that the Wi-Drive works with ANY web and Wi-Fi enabled gadget.

Want to use the Wi-Drive with an Android phone or tablet, Windows or Mac laptop?

Here’s how… Simply connect to the Wi-Drive’s Wi-Fi AP then point your browser to http://kingston. As if by magic, the main window of the iOS app appears within your browser. You can browse folders and open files just like in the app…. or perhaps more accurately, just like the internet.

I’ve tested it on a few different devices – phone, tablet and laptop – and it works nicely on all of them. It’ll even stream movies quite happily from the web interface.

Personally, I think this transforms the Wi-Drive from a super-niche proposition (iPhone users who are stuck for space and aren’t due an upgrade) to something far more mainstream and interesting.

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