Diary of a new garage – part 5

<![CDATA[With winter on the way, one thing I really had to sort out was heating for the garage, especially on the summer house side. The insulation in the walls and ceiling is working well, but with outdoor temperatures dropping to single digits I really needed something to raise the temperature in the winter evenings. IContinue reading “Diary of a new garage – part 5”

Diary of a new garage – part 4

<![CDATA[I took a few photos of the garage last night. All the photos below are clickable to a larger high-res version. The summer house side View from the sofa The garage side As you can see, organising everything on the garage side is still an ongoing project, but at least everything is now undercover inContinue reading “Diary of a new garage – part 4”

Diary of a new garage – part 3

<![CDATA[It's been a while since the last update, but a lot has happened in that time. We now have power, insulation, flooring and even some guttering. Picking up from where I was last time, the electrician came out and fitted a consumer unit to power the ring main and lighting circuits. I read in myContinue reading “Diary of a new garage – part 3”