New game launch: Pixelated Pix

<![CDATA[My final freelance project of the year is another educational game for Glasgow Science Centre. Pixelated Pix explains some of the technology behind digital imaging, from CCD capture through to LCD display. The aim of the game is to correctly identify images that have been ‘pixelated’ in one way or another. The game also seesContinue reading “New game launch: Pixelated Pix”

New site launch: Ruth Ruthven Jewellery

<![CDATA[The second last of my freelance projects for the year, Ruth Ruthven Jewellery, was also my first ever e-commerce shopping site. I’ve integrated with payment engines in the past for s1jobs and other related sites, but this is the first time I’ve built a full shopping cart style online store. The shop was built onContinue reading “New site launch: Ruth Ruthven Jewellery”

New game launch: Glasgow Science Investigation

<![CDATA[ Another wee game I’ve been working on recently, just launched. It explains some of the science behind criminal forensics and allows players to practice matching fingerprints, footprints and DNA samples in a “Guess Who?” style format. I wanted to call it GSI: Glasvegas, but we compromised on GSI: Glasgow Science Investigation.

New game launch: Forces at the Funfair

<![CDATA[ This week we finished another game for Glasgow Science Centre. Forces at the Funfair uses a rollercoaster game to get across the concepts of rolling resistance, drag and the impact of weight, shape and colour. Forces at the Funfair was another highly technical development. Because the science centre wanted the game to be asContinue reading “New game launch: Forces at the Funfair”

New site launch: HeraldTalk

<![CDATA[Last night we launched a new site for The Herald called HeraldTalk. Based on the Movable Type platform, the site provides a central, pre-moderated place for readers to comment on the big topics of the day. I’m fairly pleased with the look & feel we’ve achieved in a relatively short space of time. Both inContinue reading “New site launch: HeraldTalk”

New game launch: Penguin Knockout

<![CDATA[A new wee game for you to try, fresh off the export button today. It's for the Falkirk Wheel, promoting their Christmas programme and winter sale. And it's called Penguin Knockout… For the game concept I took inspiration from the Falkirk Wheel itself. I’ve always been impressed by the fact it can raise or lowerContinue reading “New game launch: Penguin Knockout” – Now with fancy bits!

<![CDATA[Today sees the launch of the new, now full of ‘fancy bits’ like homepage personalisation, AJAX search results, drag & drop personalisation of My Account, etc, etc. It’s also a completely fresh, new design which gives us more space for content while allowing new ad formats such as the leaderboard and useful new stuffContinue reading “ – Now with fancy bits!”

Latest launch: s1jobs Public Sector

<![CDATA[Earlier this week we launched the latest extension to — a portal targetting current and prospective Public Sector workers. You can see it now at Although the site is mostly static content, it still contains a number of innovations for s1. Firstly, there’s a complete content CMS powered by Adobe Contribute that allowsContinue reading “Latest launch: s1jobs Public Sector”