Sunday Herald Life app launches this weekend


This weekend sees the launch of the Sunday Herald Life app, the first public app I’ve released based on the Adobe DPS platform. Issue number one is available now, free of charge from iTunes:

I’ve been using Adobe DPS on and off for a couple of years now and have been really impressed with how the platform has developed. In issue one we’ve only scratched the surface of what is possible – a little bit of video, some hyperlinks and an animation – but our plan is to make full use of the interactive elements in the coming months.

The whole Sunday Herald team has put a ton of work into the content of the app (I reckon there are at least 200 pages in the launch issue) and I’m really excited about the future direction for the app, especially as our top photographers get into dSLR video which could provide great additional content for future issues.

I’m also looking forward to using DPS for a ton of other projects. As a newspaper group we have dozens of talented InDesign users and buckets of good content waiting to be used. Hopefully we’ll be able to pair some of those up in exciting new ways for fun and profit.

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