Diary of a new garage – part 2

<![CDATA[Today is erection day!

The site for the garage was cleared just over a week ago and today – bang on schedule – the new garage turned up on the back of a flatbed truck.

The company brought a team of five guys to nail it together and by noon they had finished the job…

First impressions are very good. Everything feels sturdy and it was impressive to see two guys standing on the roof at the same time whilst nailing down the felt. I wouldn’t like to try leaning heavily against my shed roof, nevermind standing on it! The windows are good too — all toughened glass rather than the perspex my shed came with.

Next step: The electrical consumer unit is going in tomorrow evening, then it’ll be on to wiring the sockets and lighting. Then I’ll need to decide what type of insulation and cladding to go for on the inside… decisions, decisions!

I’m hoping to get stuck into some of those jobs over the next few days so it’s ready as a potential venue for the next poker night on July 10. More to follow…

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