Diary of a new garage – part 1

<![CDATA[When we bought our house back in 2003 it had a fairly typical wood & concrete garage. It was old and shabby, but we put in some shelving and worktop to make it more useful. Then, in the Winter of 2007/08, it finally started to give in to the elements — the roof was leaking badly and the wooden front started to fall to bits. It was time for a replacement. However, we decided to make do until the other work was completed on the garden, driveway and house interior.

Now that the house is pretty much finished, it’s garage time!

I’ve decided to go for a wooden garage this time. I’m using wood for a number of reasons: flexibily of design, warmth, ease of installing insulation and attractiveness to name just a few. And since I don’t need the garage to store my car (who could be bothered with the fuss?) I’ve decided to build a garage with an internal partition, giving me a ‘garage’ side for my scooter and a summer house side for hanging out in. Here’s the design I’ve come up with…

Read on after the jump for more pics and details…

Ok, so step one was to get rid of the old concrete garage. Here it is (was!)…

I was worried that the roof might contain asbestos, so I got the Environmental Health people out from the council to take a look. A week later the results came back and…. yes, it contains white asbestos. Fortunately it’s not as scary as it sounds — as long as it isn’t broken, all we had to do was unbolt the roof, damp it down, wrap it in polythene sheets and take it to the designated place at the dump.

I got the builders who’d been working on the house to handle the heavy lifting of the demolition. After a few hours they had made good progress…

And by the end of the day, the demolition was complete…

The next step is to get the new garage built. I’ve commissioned a local garden building manufacturer to construct the garage off-site and they tell me it should be ready for delivery within a fortnight from now. Fingers crossed!

I’ll stick up another post when we do the erection of the new garage. Then it’s onto the wiring, insulation, interior panelling, etc, etc. I’ve got fairly ambitious plans at the moment including an interior/exterior sound system, projector and projection screen, beer fridge and a wifi access point.

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