Diary of a new garage – part 3

<![CDATA[It's been a while since the last update, but a lot has happened in that time. We now have power, insulation, flooring and even some guttering.

Picking up from where I was last time, the electrician came out and fitted a consumer unit to power the ring main and lighting circuits. I read in my DIY book that “people usually fit too few sockets and regret it later”. I don’t think I’ll have that problem, but on reflection I think I might have gone too far the other way — I’ve got 22 sockets.

Next up was the insulation. I decided I wanted the summer house side to be as well insulated as possible, so I bought Space Blanket loft insulation. It’s 150mm thick and wrapped in aluminium foil. It squeezed in quite nicely between the wooden uprights and about six rolls of the stuff did the whole room. I wanted to leave a ventilation gap above the ceiling, so I opted for Thermawrap double-foil bubble wrap up there. I used the same Thermawrap stuff on the whole of the garage side, where simplicity of fitting won out over absolute warmth.

Learning the hard way from Project Shed, I decided to take the belt and braces appoach to weatherproofing. On top of the insulation I added a layer of moisture barrier membrane, which runs in a continuous length down the walls and about a foot across the floor. That way, even if water manages to leak through the outer walls it should hopefully be kept away from the interior.

I finished off the walls on both sides with 6mm far eastern ply. This screwed onto the uprights quite easily and does a very nice job of holding back the bulging loft insulation.

Next the floor. To keep out the cold as much as possible I fitted thick, damp proof foam underlay on both sides before flooring the whole thing with some light-coloured laminate.

Finally the nice bits…. I got the sound system hooked up, and fitted some wooden blinds to the windows. Tara always wanted her mirror ball put up somewhere, so it now has pride of place in the summer house. Most of the shelving is up, the freezer is in and the tumble dryer should be arriving on Friday.

Still lots to do though… I’ll need to get the projector hooked up at some point, then there’s the wood staining, then maybe painting the interior. All of that might have to go on the back burner though — our baby is now less than three months away and I’ve got a nursery to sort out. ?

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