Our new TV ad for s1jobs

At Bright Signals we’ve been expanding our in-house video capabilities over the past year. What started as a bit of a sideline in creating funny videos for social media has developed into a more substantial offering, with script writers, camera operators, animators and editors all in-house, plus a network of talented freelance specialists that weContinue reading “Our new TV ad for s1jobs”

The Open Cat Name Project

Four unique cat names, picked just for you. No up-front cost, zero annual fees. Wait… what the f*** is this? Bob Mortimer is a British institution, like Marmite or Liverpool John Moores University. You may remember him from seminal works such as Shooting Stars and House of Fools, but his greatest contribution to society isContinue reading “The Open Cat Name Project”

The Menabrea bicycle-powered beer dispenser

Earlier this year we were approached by our friends at Wire to collaborate on an in-bar experience for Menabrea. The brief was to create something that would tie into the Giro d’Italia cycle race that passes close to the Menabrea brewery in Biella. We came up with a bicycle-powered beer dispenser: pedal fast to beat theContinue reading “The Menabrea bicycle-powered beer dispenser”

The world's first mind-reading holiday planner

Adventure travel company Explore challenged us at Bright Signals to come up with an interesting new way for customers to browse their wide range of guided adventure trips. They have over 500 different itineraries ranging from cycling trips in Thailand to safari adventures in Africa and cultural excursions in Venice. The guys at FrankPR did aContinue reading “The world's first mind-reading holiday planner”

Reactive Digital Marketing Account Exec Simulator: The Video Game

We decided to make a retro 8-bit video game for the Bright Signals Christmas card this year. I had the idea for a parody of what we do for a living: make up funny shit without getting our clients in trouble. Our senior designer, Tom, did all of the visuals. Our content teams came upContinue reading “Reactive Digital Marketing Account Exec Simulator: The Video Game”

Time-lapse light painting with projectors

At Bright Signals we were recently asked to help with The Media Shop’s Christmas message. We wanted to take it in a different direction from their previous Christmas videos, and I had an idea to combine some of my favourite photo-geekery techniques: light painting, time-lapse and projectors. Here’s the result: I’m a big fan ofContinue reading “Time-lapse light painting with projectors”

Creating the magic behind Scotrail's Flatterbox

A couple of weeks ago, our agency Bright Signals was approached by Wire Media with an interesting project. Our two agencies already collaborate on a number of clients including Tennent’s Lager and Jura Whisky, so it was a no-brainer for us to help out on this project. The concept was Flatterbox, a voice-controlled ticket boothContinue reading “Creating the magic behind Scotrail's Flatterbox”

HTML5 Game Development: Tennent's Arcade

Over the course of the last 20 years I’ve done a fair bit of game development. Starting in Asymetrix ToolBook in the early 1990s, I then moved onto Macromedia Flash, Adobe Flex and OpenCV as each of those platforms evolved to be the cutting-edge of high-quality, rapid app development. In that period I developed dozens of interactiveContinue reading “HTML5 Game Development: Tennent's Arcade”