Capturing the Ford Mustang… in Liverpool

A couple of weeks ago I went down to Liverpool for the day to do some filming for Peoples Ford. We’d arranged for comedian Bruce Devlin to test drive the brand all-new 2018 Ford Focus followed by the Mustang 5.0. I was responsible for all of the filming on the day, including 4K interior footageContinue reading “Capturing the Ford Mustang… in Liverpool”

Time-lapse light painting with projectors

At Bright Signals we were recently asked to help with The Media Shop’s Christmas message. We wanted to take it in a different direction from their previous Christmas videos, and I had an idea to combine some of my favourite photo-geekery techniques: light painting, time-lapse and projectors. Here’s the result: I’m a big fan ofContinue reading “Time-lapse light painting with projectors”

Shooting water balloons with lasers

<![CDATA[ I recently got a TriggerTrap V1 for my birthday and I’ve been doing a few experiments with it to see what’s possible and how fast it really is. In this post I’ll focus on my attempts to shoot pictures of water balloons at the moment they burst. I settled on the TriggerTrap laser detectorContinue reading “Shooting water balloons with lasers”

Didier Pasquette's High Wire Walk in Glasgow

<![CDATA[I went down to the Red Road flats today to watch Didier Pasquette's attempt to walk a High Wire strung between three tower blocks. According to The Herald, the wire is 90 meters above the ground, and the buildings were 52 meters apart. He made an impressive start, covering the first quarter stretch is justContinue reading “Didier Pasquette's High Wire Walk in Glasgow”

British Touring Car Championship – Knockhill pics online

<![CDATA[My pics from the Knockhill round of the 2006 BTCC are now online. Weather on the day was the usual Knockhill unpredictable mix – showers, blue skies, heavy downpours and just enough sun to give you sun burn. There was a couple of tornados too – the military jet kind. We found ourselves in aContinue reading “British Touring Car Championship – Knockhill pics online”