Mind reading at TEDx

Bright Signals was invited to TEDx Glasgow this year to demonstrate some of our high tech marketing stunts. Following discussions with the organisers and their partners, we agreed to bring along three machines from the Bright Signals Lab:

  • Tennent’s Arcade: The 8-bit retro-inspired video games with a unique Scottish twist that we made for Tennent’s Lager last year.
  • Tiny T5s: A table football game that we use to demonstrate our instant replay camera technology for grass roots sports.
  • MacBraynewaves: A new version of our bespoke brainwave-sensing application, using a wireless EEG headset. We’ve previously used this technology to run a successful experiential marketing campaign for the travel company Explore. For TEDx we adapted the technology for Caledonian MacBrayne to monitor subconscious reactions to different modes of transport — do people find planes, trains or ferries most relaxing?

Our demo station was really busy all day. Thanks to everyone who came along, especially those who tried the mind reading kit that I was running. And thanks to the TEDx organisers for putting on such an impressive event.

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