Reactive Digital Marketing Account Exec Simulator: The Video Game

We decided to make a retro 8-bit video game for the Bright Signals Christmas card this year. I had the idea for a parody of what we do for a living: make up funny shit without getting our clients in trouble. Our senior designer, Tom, did all of the visuals. Our content teams came upContinue reading “Reactive Digital Marketing Account Exec Simulator: The Video Game”

HTML5 Game Development: Tennent's Arcade

Over the course of the last 20 years I’ve done a fair bit of game development. Starting in Asymetrix ToolBook in the early 1990s, I then moved onto Macromedia Flash, Adobe Flex and OpenCV as each of those platforms evolved to be the cutting-edge of high-quality, rapid app development. In that period I developed dozens of interactiveContinue reading “HTML5 Game Development: Tennent's Arcade”