The Menabrea bicycle-powered beer dispenser

Earlier this year we were approached by our friends at Wire to collaborate on an in-bar experience for Menabrea. The brief was to create something that would tie into the Giro d’Italia cycle race that passes close to the Menabrea brewery in Biella. We came up with a bicycle-powered beer dispenser: pedal fast to beat theContinue reading “The Menabrea bicycle-powered beer dispenser”

A neat way to change PHP / MySQL timezones at the script level

<![CDATA[If you do any programming on shared hosting environments – like MediaTemple, Go Daddy or whatever – you'll be familiar with the problem of timezones. While it's easy to set the correct timezone on a server you have full control over, things get much trickier on a shared server. However, if you're working on PHPContinue reading “A neat way to change PHP / MySQL timezones at the script level”

New Sudoku Algorithm – now with working puzzles!

I first developed my Sudoku game system back in 2005. Over the years thousands of people have played it and many have sent positive feedback. However, the one recurring issue since launch has been the quality of the computer generated grids – the quality was variable and often it would generate grids which had moreContinue reading “New Sudoku Algorithm – now with working puzzles!”

Calling all PHP programming Sudoku fans!

<![CDATA[I've been running a free Sudoku game for a couple of years at It’s available to play in desktop and mobile formats as well as on widget sites like The Flash part is really my area of expertise, but I also had to hack together a PHP script to generate the puzzles. IContinue reading “Calling all PHP programming Sudoku fans!”