Clap-o-meter (applause meter) free download for PC and Mac

<![CDATA[Last weekend Prof Richard Wiseman tweeted that he was looking for a software-based clap-o-meter (otherwise known as an applause meter) that would work on a Mac.


I had a quick search and couldn’t find anything suitable, so I thought I’d go ahead and make one. I reckon it could be useful to other people too, so I’m releasing it today as a free download for PC and Mac.

If you find the software useful I’d love to hear about it, email me or send me a tweet @grant_gibson. If you have any suggestions to improve it, or if you’d like a custom version for your requirements, please get in touch.

Mac OSX note

From OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) onwards, Apple has made it increasingly difficult to run apps that didn’t originate from the Mac app store. To run the app on 10.8 or later you’ll have to change your security settings. The following instructions are for Mavericks (10.9) but should be similar for other versions:

  1. Go to System Preferences
  2. Under the Personal tab go to Security & Privacy
  3. Go to the General tab and unlock the menu (bottom left padlock icon, if it’s locked)
  4. Under the “Allow applications downloaded from” section select Anywhere
  5. You should now be able to run the app


Instructions on how to control it are displayed in the app launch screen, but in summary…

This software has two methods of control: keyboard or microphone input.


  • Press M to toggle between keyboard and mic control
  • In keyboard mode hold the space bar to move the hand up
  • In mic mode, right-click > settings > mic > record volume to adjust audio sensitivity
  • Press C to clear the peak value
  • Press F to enter full screen mode
  • Press Esc to exit full screen mode

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