s1jobs.com – Now with fancy bits!

<![CDATA[Today sees the launch of the new s1jobs.com, now full of ‘fancy bits’ like homepage personalisation, AJAX search results, drag & drop personalisation of My Account, etc, etc. It’s also a completely fresh, new design which gives us more space for content while allowing new ad formats such as the leaderboard and useful new stuff like our tailored tip (CRM) messages. Naturally, there are some SEO improvements in there too.

We actually flicked the switch around 7pm last night, just to give us enough time to test and tweak it on the live servers before the usual morning traffic spike. So far the site is actually performing even better than expected, the AJAX search results are so quick you’d swear they were cached. Here’s a quick shot of the new homepage:

The site is the culmination of nine months work from the planning stages and four months full-time design and development. I’m really pleased with the result and I think it pushes us even further ahead of the competition in Scotland, indeed even in the rest of the UK. Congratulations to everyone involved – you know who you are.

The re-design will be backed by a TV, press and online advertising campaign starting today.

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