New game launch: Penguin Knockout

<![CDATA[A new wee game for you to try, fresh off the export button today. It's for the Falkirk Wheel, promoting their Christmas programme and winter sale. And it's called Penguin Knockout

For the game concept I took inspiration from the Falkirk Wheel itself. I’ve always been impressed by the fact it can raise or lower a boat over 24 meters using an electric motor that produces just 30 horsepower… or about 1/5th of the average family car! Or to put it another way, it costs less than 20p in electricity to do a full rotation.

It does this energy-saving miracle by exactly balancing each of the water tanks before it rotates. I used this principal to come up with the Christmas game concept — which is basically all just a good excuse to hit penguins in the face with snowballs!

The game features a first for my freelance work, SMS e-vouchers. When you submit your score you have the option to enter your mobile number. The system then instantly send you a discount e-voucher for use at the Falkirk Wheel.

Have a play and let me know what you think.

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