Art & Photography

In my spare time I enjoy photography, drawing and digital art. Here are a few bits and pieces from my non-commercial work over the years.


I enjoy shooting on a wide variety of gear, ranging from DSLRs with full manual control through to compact cameras and GoPros — whatever it takes to get the shot. I also have an interesting range of lights and triggers (many of which are home made) including laser gates, strobes and computer-controlled LED strips.

Drawing & Painting

I do quite a lot of sketches and scamps as part of my day job, but enjoy getting the colours out at the weekend to make some more considered work. I enjoy using a wide variety of media and tools, from pencil and paper through to digital oils and 3D modelling.

Aerial photography

A brief selection of my aerial camera work

I’m a PfCO, CAA-approved commercial drone pilot, trained by ex-RAF flight crew for both day and night operations. I enjoy flying the drone for both work and recreation as it gives a completely different perspective on the world around us.