Weather station web-publishing software

<![CDATA[Since I stuck my weather station online back in May I’ve had a number of enquiries about the software I’m using to publish results to the web. My long term plan is to make my software freely available for anyone to use, but at the moment I’m just too busy to write the tutorials and scripts to support it.

However, I’m happy to supply the raw scripts and database details to anyone who wants it in the meantime. Please read on for a description of how it all works then, if you think you have a compatible setup and enough basic technical knowledge, contact me and I’ll send over the scripts.

How it works

My weather station base unit is connected to the PC that hosts this site over USB. That PC is running Windows and runs version 1.0 of EasyWeather, the software that usually ships as version 2.0 with these weather stations.

The EasyWeather software updates a text log file at set intervals, ususally every 30 mins. My PHP script looks at that file periodically and inserts any new records into a MySQL database. All script to display results and graphs read from this MySQL database.

Finally, I’m running Maani Charts to produce the nice graphs that you see… the route to screen is basically MySQL > PHP > XML > SWF.


  • The ability to host your site from home on a Windows PC, including any DynamicDNS and port-forwarding requirements you may have.
  • A standard Apache, MySQL, PHP setup. If you don’t have one already, I’d recommend Xampp.
  • Optional: The ability to have your weather station permenantly connected to your server PC without it affecting your temperature readings. For me this meant getting a USB extension cable so that I could have the weather station outside my server cupboard.

Please note that my solution isn’t really compatible with any other setup (except perhaps where you have a Linux web server and a Windows PC both powered on 24×7). If you have a different hosting arrangement, for example a remote server that you FTP to, then this solution isn’t for you I’m afraid.

If you’ve covered all of these pre-requisites, please feel free to contact me and request a copy of my scripts. I’d appreciate a link to your home-hosted site in that email, just to confirm that you’ve already completed those steps and are ready to proceed.

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