Scrum and have a try: our biggest machine so far

When Caledonia Best took on sponsorship of the Scottish National rugby team, they approached us to come up with an activity that they could run at Murrayfield, Scotland’s home of rugby, for the upcoming 6 Nations series.

We devised a bespoke machine that would allow groups of two or three friends to test their strength in a scrum. If they pushed harder than the target force, the machine would reward them with tokens for a free pint in the Caledonia Best bar.

We briefed rugby equipment specialists Aramis to produce bespoke hardware matching our design. We then added some Bright Signals magic, with a large screen, sound system and software to encourage users to push as hard as they could within the time limit.

We added a ‘ball view’ camera, allowing spectators to watch every strain and grimace as players tried to beat the target. And, of course, we fully branded both the machine and our custom software to make it a seamless experience.

The machine was a huge success with fans, the client and with the team at Murrayfield. So much so that they asked us to update the branding and bring it back again in 2018.

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