Making Edinburgh Gin's first TV campaign

Over the past few months, our team at Bright Signals has been busy creating Edinburgh Gin’s biggest ever advertising campaign. What started as a relatively straightforward proposal for a set of outdoor posters evolved into a comprehensive campaign including print, digital and prime-time television ads.

The hero piece of the campaign is the 40-second TV ad, which we produced in collaboration with Glassworks VFX in London. It’s a really ambitious film, with three separate CG sequences blended with two live-action scenes, all of which is presented as a single, seamless, non-stop camera move.

You can watch the ad here:

In addition to the TV ad, we produced a complete outdoor and press campaign, working alongside the legendary drinks photographer Jonathan Knowles. This resulted in a number of ultra-high-res executions which appeared across 48-sheet and 96-sheet billboard sites, a number of special large-format digital sites and both trade and consumer press.

I’ve been involved in the campaign throughout the process. On the photography side, I did the layout and proof-of-concept photography before taking everything down to Jonathan Knowles studio where my role was creative director while JK did his magic.

On the TV ad, I was one of four creative directors, overseeing various stages of the process. The most interesting for me was the post-production stage, where I had direct involvement in everything from the Dolby 5.1 surround mix through to the 3D animation, compositing, the film-to-CG transitions, grading and final edit. It was a fascinating process, and I’m really grateful to Glassworks for: a) being so open to our involvement throughout the process; and b) producing an absolutely first-class finished product.

Selected coverage:

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