Reaching over a million people with DJI Osmo Mobile 2 and iPhone X

This week at Bright Signals we had a fun idea: Scottish people will famously deep fry any food (even pizza and chocolate bars). At the same time, we have a weird type of sausage that’s flat and square (vs the long thin sausages sold in the rest of the world). But somehow, deep frying our square sausage has never been a thing… until now. So, we decided to create a quick video for Scottish lager brand Tennent’s, putting the idea out there.

Our local chip shop was happy to oblige. So, armed with only an iPhone and the new DJI Osmo Mobile 2 gimbal, I shot our spoof video. Two hours later, I’d finished cutting the 4K footage in Premiere and it was ready to publish, just ahead of lunch time.

We had the idea at 9.30am and by noon the video was shot, edited and published to Facebook. Within the first 24 hours it had been seen by over half a million people. Two days later it has reached over 1.5 million people (almost half the entire adult population of Scotland). Literally everyone I’ve spoken to since has seen it.

Like most creative agencies, Bright Signals regularly spends five or six-figure sums on video content for our clients. But it’s great to see something we produced for a two-digit sum becoming one of the most successful pieces of content we ever produced.

Huge thanks to DJI, Apple and Adobe for making amazing products that turn a guy with a phone and a laptop into a full professional-quality video production suite. Full credit also to my wonderful colleagues at Bright Signals who came up with the concept and script without which this would never have happened.

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