New Sudoku Algorithm – now with working puzzles!

I first developed my Sudoku game system back in 2005. Over the years thousands of people have played it and many have sent positive feedback. However, the one recurring issue since launch has been the quality of the computer generated grids – the quality was variable and often it would generate grids which had moreContinue reading “New Sudoku Algorithm – now with working puzzles!”

Sudoku module for Netvibes

<![CDATA[I’ve been getting into Netvibes recently. I’ll probably write more about it later, but for now just wanted to announce my first Netvibes module – MySudoku. After looking at the other Sudoku modules available on Netvibes, I thought my own Sudoku engine improved on all of those in several key areas. It took about threeContinue reading “Sudoku module for Netvibes”