Didier Pasquette's High Wire Walk in Glasgow

<![CDATA[I went down to the Red Road flats today to watch Didier Pasquette's attempt to walk a High Wire strung between three tower blocks. According to The Herald, the wire is 90 meters above the ground, and the buildings were 52 meters apart.

He made an impressive start, covering the first quarter stretch is just a few seconds. However, the wind started to pick up a bit and he decided it wasn’t safe to proceed. Impressively, he managed to return to the first building by walking backwards along the wire. I’m not sure if he’s going to attempt it again, but I’ll keep an eye on the High Wire site for any updates.

Update: I just read on SkyscraperCity that the attempt has been cancelled permanently and that the film crew have returned to London.

Here are a few pics I took today. There are more pics (and high res versions of these ones) over at StockPhotoX.com

Didier Pasquette

Didier Pasquette

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