Running a live stream studio from home

Since the start of lockdown, many of our clients at Bright Signals have approached us for broadcast solutions. They need ways to keep in touch with their customers and stakeholders, and need to find digital alternatives to events that would normally happen in the real world.

Fortunately, I already had a pretty comprehensive photo, video and 3D edit suite in my home office, so it was fairly straightforward to convert this to a live stream broadcast suite.

Since March 2020 I’ve been running live stream broadcasts from home for clients as diverse as Tamdhu Whisky and the energy company SSE.

With a fast (230Mbps+) fibre internet connection, a 4G backup link and state-of-the-art hardware and software, there’s pretty much nothing that we can’t do on a live stream. In fact, I’m able to offer pretty much everything you’d expect to find in a broadcast TV suite, including:

  • Simultaneous live streaming to all popular video platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch.
  • Broadcast and vision mixing of multiple remote presenters.
  • The ability to include any number of guests on-screen (or limit their access to text comments only).
  • The ability to mix in pre-recorded video, audio and any other presentation materials.
  • Centralised management of user comments across all video platforms.
  • Bespoke graphics and overlays, including live, real-time motion graphics (e.g. for x-factor style live voting).
  • Integration of live feeds from professional broadcast cameras at up to 4K resolution.

So far, I’ve broadcast live streams for half a dozen different drinks brands including Auchentoshan, Bunnahabhain, Glengoyne, Highland Park and Tamdhu, plus live planning consultations for Seagreen Wind Energy, a division of SSE.

Presenters can be brought into the broadcast on via their desktop/laptop computer, or via their mobile phone. In all cases, no special software is required… they just receive a link to a private web page, where I bring them on and off screen as required.

In addition to our own software, we can bring in remote guests using any platform of their choice, including Skype, Facetime, Zoom and Google Meet, as well as being able to broadcast out on those platforms if required.

I’m always on the lookout for new streaming challenges, so if there’s something that we can help you with, please let me know.

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