My Indyref Personality Test for HeraldScotland

<![CDATA[Personality TestOnce a fortnight my dev team at Herald & Times do an Editorial Wednesday – a day devoted to bespoke development on our news sites.

The hands-on design/dev work usually sits with members of my team, but due to staff holidays I was working solo this week. We didn’t have anything urgent on the editorial dev schedule, so I offered to design and code a personality test around the Scottish independence referendum.

I designed a responsive interface – for desktop and mobile – coded the test software and came up with 10 questions around the core themes of the independence debate; generally on the points of difference where the sides agreed to differ. By 6pm on Wednesday the system was complete and ready to publish. The editorial team reviewed the system on Thursday and put it live at 5pm.

Try the test for yourself here.

likeThe response so far has been amazing. In the first 24 hours the test was taken by 4,000 readers and shared on social media over 1,000 times, making it the most read article on HeraldScotland.

That momentum has continued into the weekend, with an average of 200 more readers completing the test every hour. This makes it, quite possibly, the largest survey of attitudes towards independence conducted in Scotland to date.

Survey responses are anonymous, but the demographic questions at the end will allow us to segment responses and, hopefully, produce some interesting analysis in the coming days.

Update: After seven days we’ve had a phenomenal 15,000 people completing our test. Between the test and the follow-up editorial we’ve seen over 45,000 page views and 6,000 shares on Facebook and Twitter.

Update 2: We’ve started re-using this technique for other personality tests, the first ones being How Weegie are you? on the Evening Times site and the Fans’ Choice Scottish Football Team of the Year.

Follow up editorial:

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