Inspiring the next generation of journalists

<![CDATA[This week I had the pleasure of presenting at FutureNews 2014, a three-day event that brought together over 120 aspiring journalists from around the Commonwealth.

slide1I was asked to present a session on Tuesday on the subject of Social Media for journalists. I shared the hour-long session with David Milne from STV, with my part focussing on “Hijacking the news cycle”: how geeks can attract traffic, and actually generate news, simply by clever use of design and technology.

The session was a lot of fun and the audience seemed to get a lot from it too. The range and audience insight shown during the Q&A session was remarkable and bodes well for the future of journalism, whatever medium that occupies.

Also this week I was delighted to be invited to dinner at Glasgow City Chambers by Baroness Prashar. It was a great opportunity to meet some really interesting people – and to discuss my future work on the British Council’s Digital Advisory Group with Lady Prashar.

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