My Raspberry Pi cameras at Sport Relief

<![CDATA[For this year's Sport Relief, the BBC created an epic 57-hour game of Five-a-Side football outside their MediaCity HQ in Salford. As our contribution to this charitable cause, Bright Signals offered to install the Raspberry Pi-powered camera system I'd recently designed.

I wrote some custom software for the BBC system and designed a unique laser-cut "action replay" button which we installed pitch-side, next to each goal, the night before the match started.

The teams were captained by footballing legends Alan Shearer and Robbie Savage, with guest player appearances from Hugh Dennis (shown right, with my button in the background), John Bishop, Rachel Riley and Fatman Scoop amongst many, many more.

Players were encouraged to hit our action replay buttons, which captured the last 15 seconds and uploaded the clips to our dedicated Sport Relief microsite. In addition, I was pitch-side for much of the game, using my laptop’s wifi connection to capture additional clips from our networked cameras.

We turned the best of each day’s action into a highlights reel that was featured on the BBC Sport Relief site, generating loads of additional interest in the tournament beyond the fans that were watching it live on the ‘red button’ channel.

Read more about the match here, and see more of our clips here.

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