Web Design and Development

Since the first days of the World Wide Web I’ve been at the heart of designing and developing some of Scotland’s top online destinations:

  • HeraldScotland.com
    The latest news site from the Herald & Times Group, replacing the previous theherald.co.uk and sundayherald.com sites. This site was developed using the Atex Polopoly CMS to seamlessly integrate with our existing Atex Prestige newspaper publishing system. It allows journalists to file copy directly to the web from systems they’re already using such as Prestige or InCopy. For more details see this blog post.
  • s1jobs.com – Scotland’s no.1 recruitment site
    I worked on s1jobs since its launch in 2000, developing it from an initial concept to its current position as Scotland’s no.1 recruitment site. In Scotland we out perform all other recruitment sites — even the likes of Monster, Total Jobs, Careerbuilder, etc — by a long way. In October 2007 we attracted over 440,000 unique users, that’s 1 in 5 of Scotland’s working population visting the site in one month! The site was voted Best Regional Job Site for five years running.
  • The Herald
    Developed a new version of the newspaper site in 2004 using then cutting-edge CSS techniques to provide a three column layout that better reflected the look and feel of the newspaper. The site attracted praise from industry experts such as Poynter.org and Robert Andrews for its innovative, newspaper-like approach.
  • British Fantasy Football
    In 2006 our fantasy football site was the first to offer a unified UK league including players from both the SPL and English Permiership in the same game. It attracted praise from groups such as FISO for its simple, attractive layout and ease of use.
  • Before all that…
    My internet history started in the mid 1990s when I bought my first PC (a 486SX with 4MB RAM), a dial-up modem and Compuserve connection. I published my first site in 1996, started my first web design agency a few months later, and within a year was building sites for musician Julian Lennon, Marconi Communications and Philips.

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