Game and Museum Exhibit Development

Over the past 10 years I’ve developed a wide variety of games, animations and interactive exhibits for brands including SSE, Sony Pictures, Tennent’s Lager, Glasgow Housing Association, Birmingham Thinktank and Glasgow Science Centre.

Several projects are featured in detail in my blog – or see the picture gallery and examples below.

HTML5 game development

Traditionally, interactive exhibits and games have been built using proprietary platforms and languages such as C++, Java and Adobe Flash. However, web technology has now progressed to the point where most types of interactive installations can be programmed using cutting-edge HTML5 and Javascript techniques.

The benefit of HTML5 game development is that it’s completely portable — with the right structure and planning, a single piece of software can run on the web (both desktop and mobile), on touch-screen kiosks and as a mobile app in the Apple and Android app stores.

My latest HTML5 game development project was at Bright Signals, developing a series of late-80s style video games with a Scottish twist. The trailer video is below.

Older live examples

[print_gllr id=790]

Exhibit photos

[print_gllr id=773]

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