Review: Nintendo 2DS

<![CDATA[A few years ago the electronics industry grew obsessed with the third dimension – 3D televisions popped up in every superstore and dual-lens camcorders appeared, promising to add extra depth to the video of little Jimmy’s first football match. Broadcasters got in on the action too, offering 3D coverage of everything from Wimbledon to theContinue reading “Review: Nintendo 2DS”

Review: Netatmo Urban Weather Station

<![CDATA[My obsession with weather monitoring started a decade ago when I moved out of the city and took an interest in grown-up concerns such as when the plants needed watered or when the pipes in the garage were likely to freeze. Over the years I’ve installed, adjusted and souped-up several weather stations to broadcast theirContinue reading “Review: Netatmo Urban Weather Station”

Review: Honda Miimo robotic lawnmower

<![CDATA[A couple of weeks ago I tested Roomba from iRobot, a gadget that vacuums while you're out. The idea appealed but the reality – poor performance, clumsy navigation and a tiny dust compartment – was less exciting. This week I’m looking at what is essentially the outdoor equivalent of Roomba, Honda’s Miimo. Robot lawnmowers aren’tContinue reading “Review: Honda Miimo robotic lawnmower”