I'm Grant Gibson. Welcome to my site…

My name is Grant Gibson. I’m the Deputy Managing Director at Bright Signals, a creative content agency based in Glasgow, Scotland.

My internet history is long and varied: From 1995-1999 I worked on first-gen Internet strategies for clients including Philips, Marconi Connunications, the Bank of Scotland and musician Julian Lennon.

From 2000-2007 I was lead designer and Web Producer for s1jobs, Scotland’s most successful job site. And from 2008-2014 I led digital strategy at the Herald & Times newspaper group, exponentially increasing subscriptions and growing audiences on Scotland’s only paid-for news sites, Herald Scotland and The National.

As well as leading strategy and managing technical teams, I also have a number of hands-on skills including being a CAA approved commercial drone pilot, designing and coding for HTML5 game development, app development, Raspberry Pi programming, IoT development using Arduino and SBCs, and web development in MySQL and PHP.

In my spare time I’m a keen maker, using a blend of software and hardware to build projects featured in Popular Science, Make Magazine and IKEA Hackers.

I occasionally take on freelance design, animation and game development projects for clients including Sony Pictures, E.W. Scripps and the psychologist and author Prof Richard Wiseman. See some examples of software and hardware projects here.

Previous freelance clients include: Glasgow Science Centre, SSE and ThinkTank.