Fiat 500 TwinAir

I’ll keep this one short. This car was amazing.

The standard Fiat 500 is pretty lethargic, but the 900cc TwinAir engine in this model is ridiculous. Driven gently it can easily achieve 65 MPG, but lean on the turbo and it behaves like a hot hatch. I honestly can’t ever remember wishing it had more power.

All of the reviewers at the time said it was fantastic, and they were right. Yet nobody bought one. My only guess is that most people bought 500s for style over performance — those people put up with the wheezy 1.2 NA engine (even though they then moaned to Watchdog about it). Anyone looking for something with performance would’ve gone for the Abarth.

Dealers didn’t help either — when I went into my local Fiat main dealer in Paisley, they told me not to go for the TwinAir as it was a waste of money… according to them it had no redeeming features over the basic 1.2.

It’s a real pity that buyers and dealers didn’t smarten up to the joys of the TwinAir. If people chose their cars logically, we’d all be saving fuel and having more fun doing it.